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Small Plates: Conversation Cuisine

While preparing our new menu we came across an epic battle of what do we actually call our ala carte, small plate, shared platter driven, new food items.

After quite a bit of research we’ve realized there really wasn’t a right or wrong answer but there are many titles for small plates. We are going to cover a few of the sometimes misunderstood big boys of the small plate world.

Margherita Pizza

fresh basil / roasted tomatoes / sliced mozzarella


Here at Red & White we love anything to do with wine, food, spirits, and beer. We tediously read magazines, hide out in dives and enjoy local fair, and travel via the internet to magical mystical places. We research things that you may not find as intriguing as we do, but promise to try and add some limerick or flair. So read on about black grapes, kings cakes, frosted flakes. Read on about mascarpone, drinking alone, or cooking with bones. Come learn about something new. And perhaps enjoy a drink or two. Cheers

Spreadable Cheeses

burrata mozzarella & sweet peppadew peppers / cranberry macadamia nut moonderra / burrata & pistachios

Double Gloucester

rich texture / rustic / savory

Meat Trio Pizza

marinara / sausage / genoa salami / applewood smoked bacon / mozzarella


toasted crostini / soppressata picante

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Wine is bottled poetry.

Rustico Pizza

marinara / roasted peppers / prosciutto / basil / feta / goat cheese / pistachio / balsamic glaze